The only thing in this world worth possessing is peace of mind.

The benefits of meditation are like having anti-virus software for the mind.
Meditation is the sword that helps anyone cut through the mind’s illusions.

don't you wish that your mind came with an owner's manual?

STRESS - Activating the Virus Software Within Our Mind

We don’t call it a disease. It’s not biologically infectious, yet, ‘stress’ is highly contagious virus that is contagious .  It’s easily spread between workmates, spouses and significant others through our “unconscious reactions to each other.” It awakens the hair-trigger emotions and false crisis mentality that has a negative effect to our world, communities and workforce and spreads like an epidemic making our world more angry, panicked, and full of anxiety than it need be.

Stress is not considered an illness that needs a cure. It’s often just considered a part of our life in this “stressed out” world.  Yet, stress has exploded to an undetectable, $1 trillion health epidemic, according many studies I have researched into.  Stress is a major disease contributor that is not recognized in the 21st Century, yet it’s more expensive than the cost of cancer, smoking, diabetes, and heart disease combined.

It would make sense to address a solution to this mysterious dis-ease.

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Educating For Stress Management

Teambuilding Event

There seems to be a trend here. Illness and stress.  Why spend enormous amounts of money addressing the symptoms of stress?   Think of all those on stress reduction drugs,  not to mention the use of alcohol and illegal drugs to privately soothe the symptoms of anxiety from stress.

The hidden cause behind so many of our health problems is staring us in the face!  Want to cut chronic diseases, health bills and health/work related costs of your company?  Arm your workforce with knowledge and techniques as a requirement to prevent the vice-grip of stress to understanding a work-life balance, that ultimately will teach them to be happier as they face day to day circumstances!

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Everything Starts With The Mind

Thoughts – Beliefs – Emotions

. . . affect your perception

Bruce is an author and hypnotist that teaches meditation so you can learn to de hypnotize your mind and make the changes where all things become possible.

Stress is hypnotic . . .

Stress is a like a disease that we pick up easily from one another. Bruce’s book shows how the mind works and how “not” to react to stress to help with anyone’s overall well being.

Truth – we are extremely suggestible creatures and subject to countless outside suggestion continuously.

The meditation we teach is the process of activating your built in Virus Software for the Mind.  Our unconscious emotional reactions pop up at our doorstep continuously throughout our day.   Learning to discern and only focus on that which aligns with our spirit, is the ability to activate the gate keeper of our mind and more intensely keep focused on our goals and ideals.

Sample here FREE Meditation that goes with Book “Thinking Beyond Habitual Thinking.”

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Get to Know Bruce

Bruce is an adventure seeking individual who has traveled around the globe. He likes to go beyond the vacation and would rather call himself a traveler seeking cultural experiences. Whenever possible he ventures off to take the road less traveled to experience the best kept secrets known only the by the locals. Yet he enjoys the most luxurious locations and can blend into any cultural situation.

He has an affinity for good healthy eating and daily exercise. He loves the adventure of surfing, scuba diving, spear fishing and piloting his plane onto exotic weekend getaways.

Bruce is an entertainer with a national act Las Vegas Style Motivational Comedy Hypnosis Show – billed as Bruce James. He has performed for casinos, corporations, performing arts centers, high school assemblies and fundraising events. The show takes audiences on a journey of laughter and amazement. He is a certified hypnotherapist who teaches meditation and self hypnosis.

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