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Our Approach

Why Bruce?

Bruce is the author of Awaken Your VISIONARY MIND POWER - Thinking Beyond Habitual Thinking, and performs workshops teaching communication, meditation and mindfulness for business from board of directors, senior leaders and their groups on how to effectively fire up team building.

His clients are some of the world's best-known organizations including Intel, Honda, Regeneron, Ameriprise, Harvard Radiology, Caldwell Bankers, Home Depot, The Boston Group, Ball Container and hundreds of other businesses, universities, schools and private workshops.

Bruce developed his unique skills during his twenty years as a stage hypnotist.  From there he took his message and evolved his event into an inspiring keynote/workshop throughout the USA .

Our Story

Our Approach

Bruce’s keynote/show is called Visionary Mind Power with an understanding of the subconscious mind and how it affects our everyday behavior in business and our personal lives.

 “When we realize the power of our mind, we can remove our limitations and exceed our expectations.”


ABOUT AUTHOR - Bruce James Francisco CH NLP

Author, Motivational Keynote/workshops, Neuro Linguistic Programming Expert – NLP (re-framing) and a certified Hypnotherapist performs a fun, motivational keynote and workshop teaching principals of influencing with integrity by educating on principals of the power of the mind outlined in his book.  Also a private pilot, famous builder (appeared on over 50 worldwide TV shows including The Today show, HGTV, etc), diver, surfer and lover of life.


Personal Development

Founder & CEO

“The human mind is the greatest, most powerful, and most mysterious object in our universe. With it, humans have shaped societies and developed fantastic creations. By taking control of one’s thoughts and developing a stronger, more positively focused mind, we can improve our everyday lives and live a much fuller life… Master one’s thoughts and one masters life – This is the underlying principle of my life’s work.”

Our show is completely customizable (You’ll be given a questionnaire used discover your needs as an organization) , yet reveals the importance of recognizing and keeping good habits, breaking old useless ones and reforming new habits to fuel the energy behind reluctant, yet necessary change in the ever changing business world.

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The corporate keynote incorporates Visionary Mind Power as the central theme applied to the “needs assessment” of your company we make within a consultation prior to the conferences and event.

Whether you’re looking to entertain at a sales conference, a corporate holiday party or motivate your workforce with a new perspective, Bruce’s performance will leave the audience spellbound and inspired with simple mind tools that can be used to conquer the ever changing and sometimes stressful world.

A successful serial entrepreneur. Bruce James shares real life business experience and struggles at a corporate performance while providing practical insight and proof that anything is possible with the power of the mind.

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Stress reduction seminars

Team Building

For the Business Owner or Corporate Event Planner that is looking to motivate and empower their workforce. Bruce James can focus on the power of the mind and create a show with a keynote geared to portray your vision or expectation with precision, and deliver.

Organizations and individuals have found this to be an effective way to increase productivity and/or efficiency, reduce stress or address any issue.  Bruce's discussion migrates into a hypnosis demonstration driving the message home offering tools for implementation.


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