Top Speaker releases book that allows you to awaken the latent power of your subconscious.

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“Have you ever wanted to take control you your mind and nobody could show you how?”

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Bruce J Francisco has been studying and teaching proprietary meditation and hypnosis techniques for close to 35 years. As a child, he often talks of remember hearing that man only uses 5% of his brains potential.  He used to wonder, “Why don’t we use it all?  Or, what would it be like to use at least 10%?”  This perhaps was the beginning of his life study of the mind.

He began experimenting with his passion on stage and developed a unique combination of comedy and hypnosis while delivering a message of personal empowerment.  While demonstrating the power of the mind and how easy it is to be hypnotized, audiences are able to understand the potential of the mind first hand.  His shows evolved to a customized keynote weaving his message into any theme with Corporate issues to schools inspiring crowds to see beyond their everyday perception.

“When we realize the power of our minds, we can remove our limitations and exceed our expectations. “

Bruce James reveals mind concepts to allow anyone to understand the power they have over their thoughts.  Bruce offers a fun interactive show and seminar that is comedy related while relaying a strong motivational message to both the individual and large groups.

Participants of his seminars and shows experience the potential of the mind and the power of their imagination.  The experience of understanding how to control one’s mind allows anyone to receive and reinforce positive powerful life changing suggestions along with a heightened state of awareness, a higher level confidence and greater self esteem.

“Master your thoughts and one masters’ life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn how to take the stress in your life and turn it into a calm mind?”

He soon will be releasing his new book on “THINKING Beyond Habitual THINKING," this is the first of a series on "awaken your VISIONARY MIND POWER. "  He teaches that meditation helps one to understand and to become objective towards the thought process, while hypnosis powerfully influences and affects the underlying process of the subconscious mind. Anyone can learn to use of your mind's capabilities to effortlessly and consistently move towards your personal goals with minimum effort on your part.

“Your mind is like a muscle; the more you exercise it, the more strength you will discover within. The stronger your mind becomes, the more one can control their environment verses their environment controlling them.” 

As a hypnotist, Bruce teaches that the first thing one need to do is learn to control their thoughts. A person’s inability to reach a trance state and benefit from the power of hypnosis seems to arise from their inability to quiet a turbulent mind.  Mastering meditation and hypnosis together empowers one to control their thoughts and change any behavior.

“Mastering meditation and hypnosis together empowers one to control their thoughts and change any behavior.”

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