Motivational Influence,

Keynote - How to influence with integrity?

Listening is the desire to "hear" others from their perspective is the key in establishing great rapport.

Mastering Mindfulness (via VMP) let's you establish the mindset to listen with the sincerity that will be recognized by those you communicate with.  This allows anyone to be a positive influence.

Most People are Hypnotized - We Just Don't Think of it That Way

When  dealing with people, you must realize you're not dealing with that person as much as their viewpoint dominating  their minds.  When you understand the basics of the mind as Bruce portrays in his book, you'll have the tools as a leader to appreciate into the point of view of others frame of mind, and therefore more effectively influence them from their perspective.  You'll find the difference in this type of motivational influence, as others will do things because they 'want to' rather than 'have to.' This process will be the most powerful skill in your arsenal.

These techniques are naturally used by the most successful leaders in the world. Bruce's workshops reveal how to develop heightened communication with just about anyone in your personal and professional lives.  It’s not about manipulating others that can backfire and cause negative resentment. Instead, this talk reveals a higher state that anyone can use to make bring forth the greatest aspect of yourself and enhance all your communications with others as you "Awaken your VISIONARY MIND POWER"  - VMP abilities.

When you reach this level of mindfulness and can function from this perspective when necessary, you'll naturally develop the ability to influence others  for lasting positive results. You earn commitment based on sincerity, not mere compliance. People trust your judgment, respect your opinion, and seek you out for help on important decisions. And, of course, you'll always feel better as your relationships are now more based on integrity.

Stress reduction seminars

Meditation Mindfulness Workshops

Everything Starts with the Mind

Learn  the basics of how:




 . . . affect your perception

Truth - we are extremely suggestible creatures and subject to countless outside suggestion continuously.

The meditation we teach is the process of activating your built in Virus Software for the Mind.  Our unconscious emotional reactions pop up at our doorstep continuously throughout our day.   Learning to discern and only focus on that which aligns with our spirit, is the ability to activate the gate keeper of our mind and more intensely keep focused on our goals and ideals.

Learning to Master Our Mind


One thing we all have is our mind

When we understand how to use our mind to connect with the best version of ourselves, we feel alive and emit an energy that others will simple notice.  True influencers don't communicate, they relate.  Even when conditions are challenging, communication with integrity will be your greatest asset.

Bruce has performed for corporate events for the past 15 years, he has had the opportunity to meet the most successful leaders, innovators and sales people.  He began to notice the common traits of the most influential.  His research and experience allowed him to interview countless "positive deviants" who had habits that stood out beyond the rest. These successful people didn't necessarily work "harder" but had certain habits. These habits are a subconscious process and can be learned by anyone who explore the pages of Bruce's book or attend his workshops.

Anyone can learn this ability to positively influence people’s lives both at work and at home.

Teambuilding Event

Learning to Master Our Mind

Prefer a fully customized keynote?

When  booking  Bruce, you're not  getting someone who jumps on stage with a pre-canned keynote. Bruce takes the time to know your organization, the people, the lingo and the challenges your organization faces.

He  believes transformation can only be achieved understanding the goals and challenges unique to your organization, so he can speak on the same page of your personnel.

His keynote/workshop will create a powerful team building phenomena which will communicate  his message on how change happens on a subconscious level and motivate the insight for the principals discussed to be used in everyday challenges in business and personal lives. Bruce has a series of basic questions to identify the organization uniqueness.  You deserve a unique keynote to engage your audience.

How Stress May be Effecting Your health?

Stage Shot 5

The intelligence that created our bodies, also created the ability to heal our bodies.

The fact that you are here today is witness to this fact.

- 90% of doctor visits are stress related.

Three types of stress:

  1. Physical injury
  2. Chemical reaction to substance
  3. Emotional

When one learns how to increase their ability to strengthen their mind, this will allow one to experience the mindset to walk through your experiences rather than your experiences "walking" through you - creating unnecessary stress.


Consequences of Stress and Negative Thinking

to Your Health

Belief is the placebo that can heal your body.  Or, belief is the nocebo that can hurt your body.

Learning what it means to not accumulate stress keeps your body in the healing mode and allows anyone to be focused with their daily tasks and interactions with people.

One day you may have had your computer freeze up on you.  You notice the task bar is opened with 50 applications!  When you restart your PC (get sick and take the time to rest and heal), it runs quite efficiently.  Learning to close your accumulation of stress as you face each situation in life will allow you to increase your intensity with all that you do.  From this premise, you will naturally be more happy too!

To learn to control the thoughts and perceptions of your mind is the most powerful ability any human can achieve and is possible for anyone that is willing to take the time to understand the mind and learn the tools that can make anything possible.

Helping Audiences Get a Glimpse of the Minds Possibilities

How Changing Perception Can Create Happiness?

Perception is an interpretation of our reality.  There are two realities. The truth of your reality and your perception of it.  Your perceptions are biased based on your belief of who you really are and how you have been unconsciously influenced throughout your life - good or bad.

When you learn what it means to develop the ability to shift your perception, everything changes and the unlimited possibilities begin to flow into your reality.

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Why I love doing this?

I love to see the delight in people when they get a glimpse of the possibility of their mind and learn to act upon the subtle action of their mind to create the happiness, prosperity and joy that was right in front of them.

The personal breakthroughs in workshops I've seen over the years are fascinating and yet confirm that my message is right on track.

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